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“We need some time to understand that the boys witnessed in Max Carlo Kohal’s film are detained minors. This slow approach is effective as it passes through stories of “normality”, where we feel how fragile is the line between normality and deviance. The filmic work, which reveals the great trust Kohal could get from the inmates, never takes a judgmental position – an attitude that is underlined by Kohal’s choice to completely avoid the “easy” cinematic use of faces. The combination of body proximity and voice over creates a deeply intimate experience, at the same time communicating a sense of deprivation through the absence of face expressivity. The final absence of image tout court seems to suffocate the destinies of their life paths, that are straight, sly and hesitant together.”


Filmexplorer on BOYS DON’T CRY

The short film BOYS DON’T CRY provides an insight into the everyday life of the inmates of the Rockenberg prison near Frankfurt am Main. It documents inmates who express themselves about the reasons for their fates and life courses.


The film won the 3rd jury prize and the 1st audience award at the 44th Swiss Youth Film Festival and was screened at Goeben Berlin

All displayed photos were shot in between filmmaking.

Gali No. 2

is an ongoing filmproject about a group of Buddhist Tibetans and their guru, who travel to Lake Rewalsar at the foot of the Himalayas in northern India. They want to strengthen their faith, spend time with friends, and
leave their past as refugee children behind. But the later it becomes on a day of travel, the more their escape breaks through in excessive alcohol consumption. While working on this documentary, i took the time to take some photos in Delhi and Dharamshala.




The SOBEKCIS twins from Belgrade have the correct ingredients to actively shape the cityscape of Belgrade, taking only what they need from it to create in positivity. If creating an atmosphere in a city was a profession, SOBEKCIS would be the CEOs or their town. I visited them in Belgrade to follow them on their paths through the city. The short video and the photos were done for Montana Cans.


One year with the winemakers

The “Markgräfler Winzer”, as one of the largest winegrowers’ cooperatives in southern Germany, produce recognizable and honest wines. For more one year I accompanied the winegrowers from the Batzenberg near Freiburg im Breisgau to the Grenzacher Hornfelsen with the southernmost vines in Germany.

Rebranding of the Markgräfler Winzer was designed by unknown and was featured in design made in Germany.


The ViaTec Group is a building material testing laboratory from Basel and Winterthur. In road construction, ViaTec tests the pavements and compositions of the asphalt roads and concrete structures being built. Over several months, I accompanied the construction engineers in taking samples, testing the materials in the laboratory or in advising the construction companies during the installation on site.